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Forum Rules [Updated 16/05/17]

Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:30 pm
by Survivalmaster


Forum Rules

Please respect all members, regardless of their sex/age or ethnicity, we are a friendly community.

We wish to keep the forums a friendly place for everyone, with no insulting and / or bullying.
Failure to do so will result in your posts being deleted. You may also serve a temporary ban.

Do not spam the forum with useless posts or that are unrelated to the topic.

No-one wants to read them and they just cluster up the thread you posted in, making it harder to read.
Any posts or topic considered to be spam will be deleted.

Do not make posts in huge text to gain more attention.

It will only make you seem immature and give a negative impression towards the ones reading it.
The post will be deleted.

Do not insult / threaten anyone in the Out Of Character / Off Topic board areas.

We do not accept any kind of OOC insulting. Do not insult a person if you're not sure if they take it seriously or not.
Doing so will result in your account being banned.

Do not double/triple/quadruple/quintuple (etc.) post, please use the edit post feature.

Posting again and again makes the forums harder to read and forces others to scroll through all your posts to see the next responses.
Double/triple/quadruple/quintuple (etc.) posts will be merged into one post. Users will be warned.

Do not create a massive signature or avatar, keep it a reasonable size.

It enlarges the time it takes to scroll down to the next post, and is generally annoying. Keep your signature max. 1/3 of the screen height.
Those who have oversized avatars or signatures will be asked to remove them. If they refuse, the administrators will remove them instead.

Respect and listen to all the administrators on the forums.

Keep in mind that they are here to help you and in turn they deserve to be treated with respect.
Failing to respect admins will result in a temporary ban of your account.

Ensure that posts you write are in the correct sections (OOC, IC or Off Topic).

Also, make sure that the section you're posting in fits what your thread is about. Scroll through the forums and look for proper sections first.
Any topics found in the wrong section will be moved without warning.

No advertising for other websites or servers.

As a SA:MP server it's more or less obvious that we do not accept any kind of server advertising on our forums.
Advertising will result in a temporary ban of your account. Persistent breach of this rule will result in a permanent ban.

Stickies and Announcements are important, please read them before posting.

Not reading them might result in you asking a question that the sticky / announcement already answered etc.
If an administrator feels that a poster has not read the sticky threads, he/she retains the right to lock or delete the post.

Use English in all forum sections, with the exception of the Non-English section.

English is the only language that can be fully moderated by the administrator team. As such, we ask that all members use that language to prevent rule breaking from taking place under the admin teams noses.
The posts will be deleted.

Do not include suggested Admin promotions or demotions in your signature or avatar such as: "Admin_Name for level 3!"

The admin team has a set system for hiring and promoting new administrators, and your suggestions won't change the situation at all.
These signatures / avatars will be deleted.

Screenshots are out of character. If they are used as proof in an IC section, they must be surrounded by OOC brackets (( )).

Screenshots which are used in an IC manner may be deleted.
Screenshots may be used ICly with permission from administrators.

Do not create another forum account if your main account is banned.

If you want to post a ban appeal, fill out the form and contact someone to post it in the correct section for you.
This is considered to be ban evading. If you are caught doing it, your new account will be deleted. Your ban will be increased to 14 days. If you persist, your ban will be made permanent.

Always make the title in your topic as describing as possible.

Not everyone has time to click every single thread, the more descriptive the title is the more people will view it.
This means no "LMAO", "LOOK AT THIS", "OMG", "WTF" etc. If you use these in a topic title, your topic will be locked/deleted.

Do not post any explicit content nor link to it.

This is not a porn/gore site of any kind. Therefore no posting of explicit content is allowed.
A violation of this rule will lead to a temporary ban. If you persist, you will be permanently banned.

Signatures/avatars/posts that put forth suggestions to ban/unban a certain member of the community are not allowed.

You can voice your opinion about someone's ban by speaking with an administrator.
Adding these kind of images/text to your forum profile will result in its removal, or it will result in your signature and avatar rights being taken away.

Once you've done forum work for a faction, it belongs to that faction.

If you have left, been removed or fired from a faction, you may not demand they remove your work. If you make something for a faction, it belongs to that faction. This includes written AND graphical work.
Trying to force factions to remove or return your work will result in a temporary forum ban. Forcefully removing content that belongs to a faction will result in a permanent forum ban, and possibly a permanent in-game ban, depending on the circumstances.

You may not link to websites which win you free items.

You cannot post topics with unknown and untrusted links to help yourself obtain "free" things. Most of these websites are either scams or give users a virus. We do not want to be held responsible for any harm caused to our user's computers.
This will result in the topic's removal and you will be permanently banned from the forum.

Signature and avatar images must be appropriate.

Users may at times browse the forums in public places, and as such, signatures and avatars should not contain images deemed to be inappropriate. This includes, but is not limited to, images displaying violence, gore or nudity.
This will result in your avatar/signature being removed.