Testers & Third Party Developers

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Testers & Third Party Developers

Post by Flake » Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:19 pm


Testers & Third Party Developers

To ensure there are minimal bugs whilst developing the server, we require a few people to help out. If you're interested in the role, and meet the following criteria:
  • Enthusiastic about the server
  • Maintain a high standard of integrity
  • Keep features and ideas confidential
Then, feel free to private message me.

Please use the below application:

Code: Select all

Why would you like to be a tester:
And ensure you private message me with the subject "Tester- [Your Name]".

Third Party Developer
If you wish to apply as a third party developer, please private message me or contact me on Discord with your interests for furhter information.

Both ranks have a dedicated forum rank.

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